Open House Tips from a Top Rated Real Estate Agent

Charleston Real EstateSelling your house all comes down to one thing, getting that buyer emotionally connected to your house. If you can connect with them emotionally, you will get them to take action much faster as they try to keep others from taking the house of their dreams. Your realtor is going to host an open house during the selling process, so now is the time to start focusing on some tips furnished to us from the homes for sale Charleston SC professionals at Premier One to make your house more desirable to that captive audience.

1. Curb appeal is the name of the game in real estate because if the house is unappealing on the outside, many potential qualified buyers will drive right by the house assuming the inside is just as bad. All you have to do is call in a local landscaper to trim bushes and trees, plant flowers and lay down mulch while you power wash the driveway, sidewalks, fence, and house.

2. You are going to be moving eventually, so now is the time to get a head start on all that packing. Get any clutter around the house you don’t need right now in boxes and off to the local storage facility. The reason you need it out of the house is in addition to making the rooms look bigger, you don’t want to stuff it all in the garage and make that area unappealing.

3. Remember the smell of your grandmother’s house? That instantly conjures up images and positive emotions for many, and you can do the same thing during the open house. Have the realtor bake cookies in the oven or cook a pie. The aroma of the cooking will emanate through the house all day, allowing buyers to not only see the house, they will smell it and fall in love with the idea of it being their own. If you can’t do this, fresh flowers on tables will have the same effect.

4. Take your kids, your pets, and get out of the house and plan a day together far from home. leave the hard work to your realtor, and just forget about everything for the day. Don’t keep stopping by or calling your realtor, they could be working a potential buyer and you are breaking their focus and concentration.

The open house is key because you are going to have a captive audience that is not going to have to worry about the pressure of dealing with the seller sitting in the house. Take advantage of this opportunity to get a buyer invested in your home.